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December 8th

December 8th

Our users:

The newest release of your software is tremendous. Besides the GUI I particularly liked the "wizards" that make entry of geometry type problems so much easier. I haven't yet used the more advanced features (function operations etc), but this will become handy once I get into College Algebra.
P.W., Illinois

This is the best software I have come across in the education field.
Horace Wagner, MO

I really needed help with fractions, the program listed each of the steps, so I was able to get my homework finished in time. Thanks.
Linda Howard, GA

As a user of both Algebra Buster 2.0 and 3.0 I have to say that the difference is incredible. I found the old Algebra Buster useful, but it was really difficult to enter more complex expression. With your new WYSIWYG interface that problem has been completely eliminated! It's like Word Equation Editor, just simpler. Also, thank you for not using the new new software as an excuse to jack up the price.
Jack Garner, IL

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