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Problema Solution

Two boys had an eight quart jar of cider to share equally. They had an empty 5 qt. jar and an empty 3 qt. jar. How were they able to divide the cider without spilling a drop.

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Poor the liquid from 8 qt jar into the 5 qt jar.

Then poor the liquid from the 5 qt jar into the 3 qt jar.

In the 5 qt jar there are 5 - 3 = 2 qt of liquid left.

Set aside the 2 qt in the glass of one of the boys.

Next from the 8 qt poor the rest (3 qt) into the 5 qt jar.

Then we pour the amount of the 3 qt jar into the 5 qt jar that already has 3 qt in it.

We will be able to add only 2 qt from the 3 qt jar and what is left is the 3 qt is 3 - 2 = 1 qt liquid.

Put this 1 qt aside in the glass of the second boy.

Now pour the content from the 5 qt into the 2 qt. What is left is 2 qt that we poor in the glass of the first boy. Now he has half of the amount that is 8/2 = 4 qt of cider.

What is left is 3 qt that can be put in the glass of the second boy and he will also have 1 + 3 = 4 qt of cider.

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