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December 8th

December 8th

Sum or Difference of two Cubes

Perfect Cube + or – Perfect Cube

A perfect cube is a number or polynomial that is an exact third power.

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1, 8, 27, 64, …are perfect cubes since 1 = 1 3, 8 = 2 3, 27 = 3 3 , and 64 = 4 3

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Factoring the sum or difference of two cubes requires the use of a special factorization pattern that you need to memorize. That is:

X 3+ Y 3 = (x + y)(X 2 - XY + Y 2 )

X 3 -Y 3 = (X - Y)(X 2 + XY + Y 2 )

The word “SOFAS” is a mnemonic device to help you memorize this pattern.

Factoring the sum or difference of 2 cubes yields 2 factors. One is a binomial factor ( 2 terms) and one is a trinomial factor (3 terms).

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1. Write the binomial factor.

2 Work from the binomial factor to find the trinomial factor. (After you find the binomial factor, you may use SOFAS to help with the trinomial factor.)


Factor X 3 +125 First, find the binomial factor.


• What term to the third power equals X 3 ? first term
• What is the given sign? sign
• What number to the third power equals 125? second term

Therefore, the binomial factor is (X + 5). Keep the binomial factor and use SOFAS to build the trinomial power.

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