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The Algebra Buster
The Algebra Buster
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What does Algebra Buster do?

Algebra Buster software solves your algebra homework just like your math teacher, directly from your own computer! Download today, enter your own problem straight from the book, and the software will work it out and create the entire solution process - including explanations for every step.

Why pay $50, $75, $100 an hour or more for a private tutor? Hiring a tutor for just one semeseter can cost hundreds of dollars. Buy Algebra Buster Now and have your own private algebra tutor for a lot less!

See how it works. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

What type of problems does it cover?

Algebra Buster solves any algebra problem from pre-Algebra to advanced College Algebra. It covers the following topics:

simplifying expressions (rational, radical, polynomial, complex numbers, absolute value, factoring)  Try This Demo
solving equations (linear, quadratic and more...), inequalities and systems (two or three equations)  Try This Demo
functions (graphing, domain, range, composition...)  Try This Demo
logarithms (solving equations, simplifying expressions)  Try This Demo
basic geometry and trigonometry (trig functions, right triangle, similarity...)  Try This Demo
pre-algebra (proportions, ratios, measure conversions... ) Try This Demo

More topics this software covers...

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System requirements:

Algebrator supports Vista

Any PC running any version of Windows (including Win 7).

Algebrator supports Mac

Any Intel Mac running OS X (PowerPC Mac users click here).

100% Money Back Guarantee!
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"I ordered the Algebra Buster late one night when my daughter was having problems in her honors algebra class. After we ordered your software she was able to see step by step how to solve the problems. Algebra Buster definitely saved the day."
- Tami Garleff

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