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Step-by-step Graphing Calculator

This graphing calculator enables you to graph equation, inequalities and systems of equations/inequalities. Here are some hints on the solver usage:
  • standard variables used in graphing individual equations and inequalities are x and y, but you can use any two variables. If you are not using standard variables make sure you specify which variable is dependent (the one that will be shown on y axis).
  • For the system of inequalities, the default number of inequalities is 2, but you can specify up to 9 inequalities. You can also enter equations as a part of the system. The equations / inequalities do not have to be linear, but only two variables (2D) are allowed.
  • hover the mouse over the question marks for more detailed help.
  • if any solution steps are unclear, click on the step to see an explanation. Note that (on the graph / system tabs) 'solution steps' refer to converting inequalities to the standard (explicit) form. These steps can be found below the graph.





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