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Step-by-step Expression Simplifier

This math solver enables you to simplify, factor and expand expressions, find LCM (Least Common Multiple) and GCF (Greatest Common Factor). Here are some hints on the calculator usage:
  • if your problem contains =, < or > signs, you are on the wrong page. Click on Equations or Inequalities menu item.
  • only sums can be factored and only terms (or powers) can be expanded.
  • multiple expressions need to be entered on LCM and GCF tabs. Make sure you separate them with a comma (",").
  • If you need to find a LCD (Least Common Denominator), use the LCM page. However, make sure you enter denominators only (not the whole fractions!).
  • hover the mouse over the question marks for more detailed help.
  • if any solution steps are unclear, click on the step to see an explanation.







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