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Why use Algebra Buster?

The answer is simple - downloading Algebra Buster for use on your own computer is just a few clicks away! There truly is no other software that does what Algebra Buster does! Sure, there are lots of pretenders, but soon you find out that they are either very limited in what they cover or they don't explain the solution process. Please drop us an  , if you would like a personalized comparison to any other algebra software. 

Using the Algebra Buster is like having an algebra tutor on call 24/7. You will finish your homework faster than ever before! Here are some of the key features and benefits you will enjoy:

Allows you to enter in your own algebra problems directly from your algebra book or assignment sheet using an intuitive WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) algebra editor Try This Demo
If your problem is not an equation or expression, the powerful Wizard interface lets you enter problems such as 'Find equation of a line perpendicular to another line, passing through a point'  Try This Demo
Once you enter a problem, you can let Algebra Buster solve it and just observe the steps and explanations or Try This Demo
You can direct Algebra Buster to do what you want (i.e. 'reduce this fraction') or  Try This Demo
If you are an advanced student, you can use Algebra Buster to check your work

Will Algebra Buster give you all of the answers to your algebra homework?

Well...YES, BUT blindly copying them and turning in as your work will not help you learn Algebra. However, if you will study explanations provided for each step, you will find that it is easy to understand the homework well enough to eventually work the problems without the software.

The Algebra Buster covers the entire High School and College Algebra curricula (pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and College Algebra - including Linear Algebra)

Below is a summary list of a few of the topics  Algebra Buster covers (but remember, Algebra Buster is a universal algebra solver, so it would be very hard to enumerate every single area):

Compare and see!
Check out the comparison chart below to see how Algebra Buster beats the the competition:

Software features

 Algebra Buster

Mathematica Maple TI-89 Math Blaster Sure Math
Users enter their
own algebra problems


+ + + - +
User-friendly algebra problem input + - - - - +
Step-by-step problem solution + - - - - +
Context sensitive tutoring explanations + - - - - -
Wizard interface for complex problems + - - - - -
Interactive student
solution checker
+ - - - - -
Covers entire College Algebra + + + + - -
Entertainment value - - - - + -
Price (single copy) $58.99 $1,495 $770 $150 $30 $89

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