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Algebra Buster on-line demonstration

It's as easy as 1-2-3!
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(Note: The actual Algebra Buster is software, instantly downloadable to your PC; it is not a "web-service". Only the demos are shown on the web. For more details click on the image below.)

Below you will find a large number of demos explaining different aspects of Algebra Buster software . If you have Flash plug-in installed, click on the corresponding Flash Demo button; if you don't, click on the Screenshot button.

If you have no idea what Flash is, click on the Flash Demo button anyway - most likely your browser supports it. If it doesn't, you can download it from here.

You can go through demos in or out of order - most are self-contained. Let us know if you have any problems viewing them, or if you would want us to add some other topics.


Animated Static
Adding and subtracting fractions
Basic trigonometry
Calculating proportions
Circle equation
Complex numbers
Composition of functions
Domain of a function
Entering logarithmic expressions
Entering rational expressions
Entering square roots
Factoring expressions
Finding the LCM
Graphing curves and points
Graphing inequalities
Levels of visibility
Multiplying and dividing fractions
Perpendicular line equation
Point slope line equation
Simplifying exponential expressions
Simplifying radical expressions
Solving quadratic equations
Solving systems of equations
Synthetic division
Vertex of a parabola
Working with formulas

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